Tunica is Open for Business!

 Tunica is Open for Business!

I’m pleased to report that the Tunica destination is alive, well and OPEN for business! Everyone is aware that we lived through a very difficult month of May due to the rising floodwaters of the Mighty Mississippi. Due to the great exposure of this event by both local and national news sources, we thought we would update you on the true story of the great flood of 2011.

All nine casinos shut down in May for about two weeks in an effort to protect casino patrons and staff. The reason for this is because all of the casinos are located on the unprotected side of the Mississippi River Levee system making entrance to the properties’ parking lots impossible.

We were all anticipating the rising waters and the casinos were readily prepared to keep the water out of the casinos and did so effectively. Because all of the casino floors were built on floating barges, they rose with the river keeping the water out. Plus, the adjacent casino hotels were built at an elevation sufficient to withstand the water heights. We are confident that the casinos and their hotels are back to what they were prior to the flooding.

Please see the images below of the flood progression. You can click on an individual property to zoom in on the photo. We’ve also included photos for the Tunica RiverPark, which has sustained some damage, but we’re working on reopening soon. Click here for details about the RiverPark damage. Even though the facility is closed, the Tunica Queen riverboat is open and sailing a regular schedule.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to comment to us on this blog, via Facebook, Twitter or call us at 888.488.6422. We welcome you to come experience Tunica again for yourself! Click here to book your hotel room now.

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