Attack From Mars!

 Attack From Mars!

When the Martians get here — trying to take the Earth’s monumental treasures and a few few women, for good measure — can you stop them? Or do you even want to? Maybe you’d rather join the invaders.

You have the choice when you play WMS Gaming’s new sci-fi slot machine epic, “Attack From Mars/Revenge From Mars.”

As an old sci-fi fan, I found myself laughing my way through the bonus events and their send-up of the old movie experience when tested I the game.

In the bonus events, you get to choose whether to be a Martian attacker in “Revenge From Mars” or a human defender of Earth in “Attack From Mars.” The Martians are little green men, and sometimes you’ll see them in their flying saucers. Other times, they’ll come to Earth in towering robot-like travel machines with long metal legs and four long metal arms.

Much of the interplanetary fun comes in four bonus events. The “Attack From Mars” bonuses are called “There Goes the Universe” and “Duck, It’s Chicken.”

Take “There Goes the Universe.” You’re trying to save monuments of the world from the invading Martians. If you fail, a Martian abduction ray steals the Eifel Tower, Stonehenge or other treasure, and your bonus round ends.

Or on the “Revenge” side, there’s “Abduction Makes Me Hungry” and “Mars Kneads Women.” In “Abduction,” you’re the Martian, in your flying saucer, hovering from shop to stop, beaming up food until he gets a nibble gone bad. That gives him digestive trouble — with appropriate sound effects — and the round ends.

It’s all meant to evoke a B-movie feel, from the days of campy science fiction, bug-eyed, green-skinned monsters. Most of all, it’s supposed to be fun — and it is.

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