Unlock the TunicaMS Comp Closet for Your Chance to WIN!

 Unlock the TunicaMS Comp Closet for Your Chance to WIN!

We’ve lost the key to the TunicaMS Comp Closet AGAIN! And we need your help finding it.

We’re positive that it hasn’t washed down river. We think it’s just a matter of retracing our steps, so head to the TunicaTravel.com website to help us find the key and you can unlock your weekly chance to win comps like buffets, fine dining dollars, hotel stays, concert tickets, casino free play, etc.! And since the Comp Closet’s been closed for an entire month and we think it’s getting stuffy, we’ve decided to give away even more comps the first two weeks it’s reopened! Can I get a Woot-Woot?!

How to Play:

1. Log on to TunicaTravel.com.

2. Find the key to the TunicaMS Comp Closet on one of the TunicaTravel.com pages.

3. Once you’ve found the key, submit your contact information to be entered to win the weekly prize.

The key moves each week, so come back to TunicaTravel.com every week to see where it’s hidden. You must enter each week to be eligible to win that week’s prize.

Winners will be chosen randomly from each week’s entries and will be announced on Facebook.com/TunicaMS and Twitter.com/TunicaMS.  So, if you want to be the first to know,Like TunicaMS on Facebook, or Follow @TunicaMS on Twitter!

You are allowed one entry per week, Monday-Sunday.  Winners are chosen & posted on Monday afternoons.  For a complete list of rules, click here.

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