Who Needs Luck When You’re in Tunica

 Who Needs Luck When You’re in Tunica

In Tunica, we LOVE the color green!  Especially when the cashier’s handing us our winnings!  And when you’re looking to win, you’ve got to have a lucky charm.

For some of us, when you say Lucky Charms, we instantly think about a cartoon leprechaun on a cereal box.  Don’t get me wrong, thinking about those “magically delicious” marshmallows is giving me a case of the munchies right now, but when I googled lucky charms, the first page to show up was on Wikipedia about cereal!  Seriously?!

Here are a couple links to the history of some common good luck charms that I found interesting ~ History of Good Luck Charms and Symbols of Good Luck from Past to Present

In Tunica, we know that every now & then a little luck can go a long way and as you’ll see below we’ll use whatever trinket we can for a win.  Thanks to everyone who submitted your personal lucky charms when visiting Tunica.  And thanks to Tunica Roadhouse Casino & Hotel for finding a Pot O’Comps at the end of the rainbow to give away to our great fans and followers.  Be sure to stop by the Roadhouse tonight to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Irish style!

Look below for the list of “lucky” winners:

Eva Crumpton Cleveland ~ Blue Dot cut from a magazine

Jason Brooks ~ Lucky Buddha

Trenton Taylor ~ Four-Leaf Clover

Denise E McMinn ~ Lucky Care Bear & Glass Elephant

Chuck Johns ~ Black Pearl from a Tahiti trip

Kathy Pippin Sheets ~ Husband

Kristy Leigh Pettey Martin ~ Mood Foot Necklace

Mary Moore ~ Daughter

Buster Burns ~ Sister Linda

Mary Dailey Osborne Muirhead ~ Celtic Cross from Ireland

Cheryl Christiansen ~ Husband’s ear gets warm at Blackjack table when it’s time to increase bet

Jason Eddy ~ Dad’s Lighter

Greg Hargest ~ Wife

Lisa Jones ~ Penny found in front of Old Buttocks Cafe in Helena

Annette Underwood ~ Gifts from Grandkids

Mark Riddle ~ 1967 50-Cent Piece

Apparently, their lucky charms really do work!

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