Staying Hydrated, Fed and Rested on Casino Trips

 Staying Hydrated, Fed and Rested on Casino Trips

Way back in the 1990s, I was invited by a major casino company to take part in a weeklong crash course in casino operations. The company used it to introduce up-and-comers from food service, building management and other areas into the casino portion of the operation.

At a session with one casino’s security chief, he described a recurring problem. People would come to the security desk feeling faint or woozy. Security personnel would guide the ill patrons to the infirmary, but already had a good idea what the problem was.

In fact, the security people were trained to ask, “When did you last sleep? When did you last eat? How much have you had to drink?”

It’s easy enough for a player just out for the evening at a local casino to slip into party mode, get caught up in the games, the lights, the crowds, the noise and frequent beverages offered by the cocktail waitresses. For someone staying overnight or for a few days, a mini-vacation can easily become a hyper-vacation.

And that’s fine. The casinos are there for us to have fun. I once met up with an old college friend in a casino — our separate trips had a one-day overlap. Her go-go-go energy just amazed me. She preferred the coffee shop to the steakhouse for dinner, because it would get her back into the casino faster.

It was party time all the way, but she did stop to eat something. Basic physical needs are not suspended in a 24-hour party atmosphere.  Sleep remains essential. There are plenty of restaurants in any casino resort. And make at least some of those drinks bottles of water or other non-alcoholic beverages that will keep you hydrated.

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