Spring Has Sprung! March Madness is Here!

 Spring Has Sprung! March Madness is Here!

Spring is finally here. It’s not because flowers are in bloom or because birds are in the air or because the weather seems to have warmed up a little. The only way I ever even notice Spring has started is because March Madness usually marks the beginning of Springtime for me.

March Madness is here to lift the Wintertime blues of countless men (and women) everywhere! Break out your brackets! This sports fanatics’ dream starts out every year with 64 NCAA basketball teams all vying for one prize, the chance to be top dog in the college basketball world. Yesterday at noon marked the start of this year’s March Madness and by 11 p.m. tonight the first 64 teams will be whittled down to 32.

No one wants to miss these games, but do you know what is even worse than missing these games? Watching them on a tiny screen. (The last time I did that, I went 3 days thinking that the team I had picked to win had actually lost.) This year I came up with a new game plan. To avoid this mishap during this year’s games, I have decided to watch all the games in Tunica, and for good reason. First, Tunica has a countless number of bars and lounges with flat screen TVs. Watching every layup, 3-point shot and foul in HD is a must! Second, I don’t think I have seen a TV in Tunica smaller than 27inches yet. You won’t need binoculars here! Third, more than likely you will be surrounded by several other basketball fanatics.

With tons of people having done brackets, there is clearly is a little gambler in all of us, so I would give Tunica a try.  If you need a break from the people in your life to watch your basketball in peace or in good company, Tunica is the place to do it . Plus, who knows, there might still be a little St.Patrick’s Day luck left around to help your favorite team pull out a win.

Don’t miss the Sweet 16 games on the 24th and 25th or the Elite 8 games all next weekend. In Tunica, you can watch them all! Also you might consider watching the finals on April 4th in Tunica too. What would be better than watching your favorite team win the National Championship, hitting it big on the casino floor and walking away a very happy millionaire?

Think your bracket has what it takes? I’m curious to hear what your Final Four picks are.

Oh and if you need a little help finding a place, check out our list of great places to go and watch the game!

Bally’s: The Saloon – 1-866-422-5597

Right off of the casino floor at Bally’s, you will definitely be able to see the game.  You’ll find the largest HD TV in Tunica, standing 9 feet tall and 16 feet wide.  You can also catch game day food and, of course, beer with a selection of more than 20 draft brews.

Fitz: Stage Bar – 1-800-766-5825
The Fitz bar features flat screen TVs, a traditional stool bar setting, and casino floor setting with great appetizers like cheeseburger sliders.

Gold Strike: Liquid Assets – 1-888-245-7529
Liquid Assets is located off of the casino floor in a chic modern setting with a long bar and couches for relaxing. Beer and big TVs – you’ll definitely find here.

Harrah’s: Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill – 1-800-946-4946
Here you’ll find big screen TVs in every direction and a mechanical bull for when you need to blow off a little steam.

Roadhouse: Casino Floor Bar – 1-800-391-3777
For a place to get the real roadhouse feel when watching the game, Tunica Roadhouse is located off of the casino floor and has a mechanical bull named Whisky. In case you need to concentrate on your team, this bar has dozens of TVs and is more low key than most.

Sam’s Town: Roxy’s Live – 1-800-456-0711
Roxy’s Live was just renovated recently adding more TVs to watch the big game.

The Lounge Tunica – (662) 363-5787
The Lounge, which is near Fitz Casino & Hotel, is ultra sleek and modern with great drinks at affordable prices.

Tunica National Golf & Tennis –  1-866-833-6331
If you are looking for a quieter setting, try Tunica National’s bar. The bartenders really know how to pour a great drink. The bar also overlooks the indoor clay tennis courts, so you can see the big game as well as a good game of tennis.

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