“Casino Surrender” Option in Blackjack

 “Casino Surrender” Option in Blackjack

If you’ve played much blackjack, you know the pain. You’re dealt a couple of face cards, and the dealer has a 6 face up. You’re feeling comfortable with your 20, practically counting the winnings to add to your chips.

Then the dealer turns up a 2, and starts pulling low card after low card. You get a queasy feeling when the next card is a 3 and the dealer has a total of 11. Next comes a 5, the dealer has a 16, and you relax a little. Surely a bust is coming.

Then the worst happens. The dealer’s final card is a 5. The total is 21. The chips you’d counted on building are going into the dealer’s tray instead.


Few things in blackjack are as frustrating as to lose or tie with a 20. Some casinos are trying to ease that frustration with an option called “Casino Surrender.” When you’re dealt a 20, the dealer has a 10-value card face up and does not have a blackjack, Casino Surrender lets you take a payoff of half your bet. Bet $10, and take a win of $5.

There is a price to be paid. Your average profit on such hands is over $5.50 per hand.

For non-card counters, basic strategy for Casino Surrender is to refuse it. Accept the losses and ties that are part of the game. When you win your full bet instead of half of it, it’s worth it. If you feel the need to smooth out volatility and guarantee a win on those 20s, that’s you’re option. Just understand you’re paying a price for your ease of mind.

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