Travel Tunica Tries Hand in World Series of Poker

 Travel Tunica Tries Hand in World Series of Poker

Travel Tunica learned how to play poker recently, so when we were invited to the media event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) at Harrah’s Tunica, we were all in.

As luck would have it, the randomly assigned table had Travel Tunica’s Lisa at my first table as well as a few friends like Memphis Business Journal’s Michael Sheffield and ABC 24’s Mark Walden.  Luck was on my side at the first table.

When I started winning, the poker room manager switched everyone to other tables and raised the bets.  I hadn’t practiced my poker face, and trying to remember all of the rules at once became nerve racking, especially since sitting at this table was media I work with everyday like the Commercial Appeal’s Stan Carroll, Q 96.1/107.5’s Chris Taylor and Joe Mack, Tunica blogger Jen Cuthbertson, DeSoto Times-Tribune’s Publisher Cyndi Pittman, Good Times Radio’s Rudi Schiffer, and AM560’s Eli Savioe.  I was still on a roll, and Eli named me “The Natural Disaster” for taking out four people at once at our table. 

Towards the end, my beginner’s luck was running out.  A poker pro, Action News 5’s Brian Svec, went all in and was the only one at our table with more chips than me.  Thinking my hand could win it, I went all in as well, with encouragement from our table.  He won the hand.  Travel Tunica’s Chrissy tried to take him out in the final table, but his winning strategy make him the winner of the whole tournament, bringing home a WSOP Leather Jacket and $1,500 to give to his favorite charity. 

All in all, Travel Tunica’s Chrissy came in 5th place taking home a trophy and prizes in the media tournament.  Now it’s your turn to go all in! The WSOP at Harrah’s goes from now until February 15th.  Call 1-800-946-4946 for more information, or go to the Harrah’s Event Center to play in the event.  It is worth a shot with buy-ins starting at $120.  You could be the next WSOP Main Event Tunica Champion walking away with $139,000 (last year’s winner’s prize) and a free seat in the WSOP in Las Vegas, so good luck!

To see more pictures from the media event and see players like Joy Lambert from ABC24, Kevin Cerrito and Mike Bullard from Memphis Sport Magazine, Janice Broach from Action News 5, and Ernie Freeman from Fox 13, go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=273316&id=85343613984.

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