Outdoor Writers Take a Quack at Duck Hunting in Tunica

 Outdoor Writers Take a Quack at Duck Hunting in Tunica

As a previous guest and visitor to our area John Phillips once wrote, “Every duck hunter in the nation believes that if they’ve lived good, sportsmen-like lives and have close relationship with God, they’ll hopefully get permission to hunt at Beaver Dam near Tunica, Mississippi, before they die. 

I’m one of the lucky ones!  Each year, via a partnership with the Mississippi Division of Tourism and local outfitters, I have the pleasure of introducing Beaver Dam to a new group of outdoor writers. These outdoorsman, like John, want to explore the land made famous in the early 1900’s through the tales of the legendary outdoor writer Nash Buckingham.  

This year, Hillary Dyer, editor of Waterfoul & Retriever Magazine, Mike Lambeth an outdoor photographer and free-lance waterfowl writer, along with outdoor radio and TV personalities Don Dzledzina and Jim DaRosa of Chicago joined us for an inside look at Tunica and our great outdoors.  Our team gave them a tour of the area, and we ate breakfast at the Blue & White, fine dined at the casinos, and even did a bit of gambling.  It, however, is always the same. Not until on Beaver Dam, in the duck blind, the sun peeking through the cypress and the first group of ducks , feet down over the decoys, do our guests truly smile knowing that they have now experienced all that Tunica County has to offer.

To learn more about the great outdoors just outside of the casinos visit https://tunicatravel.com/activities/outdoor-activities.

Personal note: I also had the opportunity of taking my 11-year-old son on his first Beaver Dam duck hunt over the holidays.  No matter the age or the experience, the smile is the same – for Dad, too!

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