Explore New Slots: The Ghostbusters Slot

 Explore New Slots: The Ghostbusters Slot

One thing’s for certain: I’m not psychic.

At the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this November, where manufacturers show all their latest and greatest products to the casino industry, I stopped to test International Game Technology’s new Ghostbusters slot. It’s packed with fun, film clips, animation and bonuses based on the movie.

With IGT public relations representative Jaclyn March as my guide, I gave the Psychic Bonus a go. One card with symbols of the type used to test ESP was turned face down, while two were turned face up. It was my job to determine whether the face down card matched the face up card on the left or on the right. I made a pick by touching a card … and missed. A meter on the right side of the screen went into action.

“Oh, I hope it gives you another chance,” said March.

The arrow on the meter started into the red zone that would end the round, but sprung back to the right and I got to pick again.

“Oh no! You missed again!” March said.

But once again, the meter gave me another shot. And I was wrong again. And it gave me yet another chance.

“It wants you to win,” March said. “This time for sure.”

Alas, I was wrong on the fourth time, too, and this time it ended the round.

Still, the bonus credits mounted up. And I can’t say it wasn’t fun. With the Slimer character acting as game host, soaring from main screen to overhead display to show you which bonus event you’re about to enter, Ghostbusters promises to be a good time when it reaches casino floors.

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