Travel Tunica Takes Detour Challenge!

 Travel Tunica Takes Detour Challenge!

Travel Tunica has been hearing about the Roadhouse Casino Detour Food Challenge since this time last year when the Roadhouse opened.  This month we decided with Christmas around the corner, it was time to take the challenge!  It couldn’t be that hard… right?

When I talked to Chef Raymond Carter at The Range Steakhouse at Roadhouse Casino to get more information on the challenge, he listed what we’d have to eat to get our names nailed to the wall as Detour Winners:

48 oz. porterhouse steak
12 eggs
1 pound chili cheese hashbrowns
4 pieces of Texas toast
1 thick slice of bacon
1 large sausage link
1 hot jalapeno
1 cherry tomato
All served on a shiny hubcap

After I heard what Travel Tunica would have to eat to win, I said, “Has anyone ever FINISHED the Detour Challenge?”

Chef Carter said, “Yes, we’ve had two people finish the challenge within the one hour allowed time.”

The only two people I knew who could take this challenge were the two men in our office, Webster Franklin and Bill Canter.

We formed Team Webster and Team Bill with team members being chosen based on who you bet money on to win.  We are in Tunica, right?  When the hubcaps full of food were set in front of Webster and Bill, they were off!

30 minutes later, after eating quickly at first and then staring at the food in defeat, they both realized they should have skipped lunch—or maybe skipped eating for the week before taking the challenge.

Who was the winner?  After weighing the plates on a scale, Webster had 5.5 pounds of food left, and Bill had 4.5 pounds left, so Bill won!  Chef Carter gave them both to go boxes, so they could enjoy the food later.

Travel Tunica took the Roadhouse Casino Detour Challenge!  So now, we are challenging YOU! Can it be done by a fan of Tunica? 

Don’t think you can finish the Detour Challenge by yourself?  For only $39.99 you can share your dish with as many of your friends as you’d like!  Just don’t get on the mechanical bull after!

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