Tunica Visit: Quick Trip from Memphis to Tunica

 Tunica Visit: Quick Trip from Memphis to Tunica

When the stresses of the week have gotten to you, sometimes you wish you could just escape. Usually your desire never becomes reality because most people don’t have time in the middle of the week to take a vacation and still be back in time for work in the morning. I decided I would try out the increasingly popular theory that Tunica is close enough to Memphis to take a work week getaway, but I will admit, I was skeptical.

I finally got up the nerve to pack an overnight bag and toss it in my truck one Monday morning before I headed off to work. After experiencing the normal Monday blues, I was unsure of exactly how long it would take me to travel to Tunica but what I was sure of was that I was in serious need of a little fun. Surprisingly, it actually only took about 30 minutes to get there from downtown Memphis!

After arriving at my gracious host for the evening, Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, I was greeted by a helpful staff that offered to carry my bags and even had the car waiting as I checked in and changed out of my work clothes. After a quick freshening up in my room that had an amazing view of the sunset, I returned to my waiting car and headed for the casino.

After a long workday, I was extremely hungry. Naturally, I headed straight for Paula Deen’s Buffet. After eating to my hearts’ content, I hit the casino floor. The atmosphere was so exciting and relaxing that I completely forgot all about my workday and focused on the great possibility that I might become a millionaire and workdays would no longer be for work!

After I finished my adventure in the casino and the glare of lights and sounds of chiming machines wore off, I headed back to the hotel. I had not struck it rich, but I did win a $100. Not bad, right?

After getting a restful night at the hotel and waking to the sun gleaming on the water and the beautiful golf greens in the distance, I hit the road and headed to work. The drive was peaceful and there was virtually no traffic! I made it back just in time for my Tuesday morning meeting looking extremely relaxed. Little did they know, I had just come from Tunica! I guess it really is just down the road!

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