Travel Tunica Learns How to Play Craps

 Travel Tunica Learns How to Play Craps

Everyone who has ever been to a casino has most likely seen craps tables.  If you’ve not gotten close enough to see them, you’ve definitely heard people cheering at them because it’s usually the loudest place in the house.  So Travel Tunica decided to get in on the action and learn how to play one of the most intimidating games for beginners on the casino floor.

On a Friday afternoon, we recruited other people in our office to come learn how to play craps at Sam’s Town Casino & Hotel.  Roger Willke welcomed us to the casino floor, and introduced us to Marcus Trigg, who has worked at Sam’s Town for more than 15 years teaching people how to play craps every day.  All seven of our Travel Tunica team got a chance to roll the dice, and here’s what we learned on our first attempt to learn more about this exciting game.

Start with the Pass Line.  Put your bet in this area.  This is an even money bet.  You win on a 7 or 11 and lose on 2, 3, or 12, called rolling craps.  Any other number is the Point.  To win, the Point must be rolled again before a 7.

The Don’t Pass Line is the reverse of the Pass Line, and it is also an even money bet.  On the first roll, you win on a 2 or 3, lose on 7 or 11, and 12 is a standoff.  Any other number is the Point.  You win if a 7 is rolled before a point is repeated.

The Come line has the same rules as the Pass Line bet, except you bet after the Point is established, and action begins on the next roll.

The same rules and payouts apply in the Don’t Come bet except you bet after the Point is established, and action begins on the next roll.

Taking Odds is another way we learned how to bet.  Once a Point or a Come Point has been established, you may take odds on your Pass Line or Come Bets.  You win if the Point or Come Point is made before a 7.

Finally, betting the Field was the last way we learned how to bet.  This means it is one bet placed on any roll of the dice: 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11, paying even money.  2 pays 2 to 1;  12 pays 3 to 1;  5, 6, 7, or 8 loses.

Good to Know:

You can always say, “Take me down,” to get your previous bets played off the table.  This is important to remember because no matter how “hot” a roller is, they eventually will get craps, and all money on the table betting with the roller will be taken.

Hard vs. Easy Rolls—A hard roll is when the numbers are the same totaling a higher number like six, such as 3-3.  An easy roll is when the numbers are different totaling a number like six, such as 2-4.

Prop Box—This is the “box” in the middle of the craps table.  These are the worst odds, but they also pay as much as 30 to 1.  “These are notoriously not a good bet, and that’s why they pay out so much,” Trigg says.

You don’t have to bet with the person rolling the dice.  “Betting the black, as it is called, means you are betting with the house,” Trigg says.

Advice of the day given by Marcus Trigg: “The number one thing to remember in craps is it’s unlucky to be superstitious.”

Quote from Travel Tunica players heard throughout the day: “I’m going to need to come back and play craps again soon to not forget everything I’ve learned.”  The good news?  “Our job as dealers at the craps table is to make sure you have fun while learning how to play anytime,” Trigg said.

Travel Tunica hopes to see you at the tables soon!

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