Slot Tournaments

 Slot Tournaments

Have you ever played in a slot tournament? I have, and I think they’re a blast. I once played in three in one week, in different casinos and had a great time. In two of them, there were welcome gifts, prize banquets and other perks. The third was just a little daily tournament I decided to play on a whim while out for a walk.

I won one tournament — the whim — placed in the top 5 and won some cash in another, while in the third … well, I had a good time.

In most tournaments, you’re playing for points, and you don’t get to cash out the wins that mount up. That enables casino to use special “tournament chips” that allow big winning combinations to come up much more often than if you were playing with live money.
Slot tournament winners are determined by who racks up the most points on winning combinations in a set time period.. You want to get in as many spins as possible before the timer expires so you maximize your chances to build up points.

Often, you’ll start with a specific number of credits to play within a given time limit. When you spin the reels, credits are subtracted from the credit meter, and winnings are added to a separate meter. The winnings are your score.

The last thing you want to see when the timer expires is credits left unplayed. Those are just missed opportunities for more spins.

When play starts, keep tapping the button to spin the reels continously. Don’t even wait to see the combination on the reels. You want to start the reels spinning again as soon as they stop. If tournament scores are close, the winner may well be the contestant who played the fastest.

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