Nature Trail the Right Path for Relaxation

 Nature Trail the Right Path for Relaxation

It’s summer in Tunica.  While you may enjoy the cool air conditioning breeze inside Tunica’s nine casinos, sometime on your trip, you’ll want to get out and explore.  I wanted to fill you in about one of my favorite places to get away from everything and really see Tunica at the most beautiful place to see the Mississippi River—the Tunica RiverPark Ecotrail.

Travel Tunica (Lisa, Chrissy, and I) started our day arriving at the RiverPark in the early afternoon and walked toward the trail.  The trail is located along the Mississippi River.  A new addition to the trail are signs that describe the wetlands, wildlife, and ecosystem of the trail, making it a learning experience for visitors of any age. 

After walking just a few feet on the trail, it was cooler than we expected because of the breeze from the Mississippi River and the shade from the trees that form a canopy over the trail.  The first part of the 1.9 mile walking trail is paved with a nice sitting area.  The trail then goes to a boardwalk style bridge.  We stopped to take a look through the forest, and Lisa thought she spotted a donkey.  When we looked closer, she’d actually spotted a deer!  So it was our first sighting of the animal wildlife along the Mighty Mississippi. 

The rest of the trail we tried to be quiet to spot more animal wildlife.  We spotted birds of all kinds, fish under the bridges in the swamp areas, trees large and small, and plants indigenous to the area. 

Overall, the trail was just the right length for us.  We strolled through, stopped often, and took pictures, and it took a little over an hour.  After going through the trail, we bought Cokes at the RiverPark and rocked in the rocking chairs while finishing a great day relaxing and watching the river roll past us.  CLICK HERE to see more pictures from the day. For a full day of fun, while you’re visiting the RiverPark, don’t forget to take a tour of the award-winning Museum and cruise on the Tunica Queen. CLICK HERE for more information.  We hope you can take a break from your day and see the Mississippi River at the Tunica RiverPark Ecotrail soon!

Tips for going on the Tunica RiverPark Nature Trail:
–Wear bug spray and sunscreen.  A good option is the Avon Skin-So-Soft bug spray/sunscreen combo because it doesn’t make you smell like the great outdoors.
–Bring a camera.  We saw wildlife up close on the trail and beautiful views of the Mississippi River.
–Wear comfortable shoes.  Whether you are a speed walker or a slower pace, enjoy the view person like me, you’ll thank yourself later for wearing tennis shoes.

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