Beat the Heat with Indoor Tennis in Tunica!

Tennis doesn’t require a great amount of coordination.  After all, I learned to play a few years ago, and I’d had coaches my whole life talking me out of playing sports.  Since I work in Tunica, and since Tunica National is one of the best places to get a drink after a long day, I started watching people play tennis and realizing Tunica is one of the best public tennis in the country to play this great sport.

Three years ago, I started taking lessons at Tunica National to learn how to play.  The current tennis pros are Michael Johnson and Donny Flowers.  They got me into the swing of things by doing a class called Cardio Tennis.  It is offered every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 and is open to the public.  They also offer group lessons, daily play for individuals and groups, and tournament play for groups.

Tunica National is one of the best public facilities in the country.  From a visitor’s perspective, where else can you play tennis in air conditioning on clay tennis courts indoors and stay in a luxurious casino resort?  Tunica National has four indoor tennis courts with Har-Tru clay that acts as a shock-absorbing cushion, allowing players to slide into their returns and preventing joint-jarring stops. The hydro-grid sub-surface irrigation also controls humidity indoors.

For additional information and services provided by Tunica National, call (toll free) 1-866-833-6331 or visit www.TunicaNational.com.

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