A “Glowing” Night at Tunica National

 A “Glowing” Night at Tunica National

This past weekend I had a chance to take part in something unique. The Swing Shoppe along with Tunica National Golf & Tennis hosted a Glow in the Dark Tennis night to benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. About 70 players signed up to take part in this unique event.

When players arrived they began taping their racquets and themselves with neon tape, glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces. Some even painted their faces. Then it was off to the four  indoor courts that had been taped with neon tape, and the regular lights were replaced with UV lights.

Players took to the courts with their neon tennis balls, turned up the music, and the fun began.  It definitely took a couple minutes to get used to the darkness and following the glowing ball. Once we got used to it, we had a blast.

Even the spectators had a great time watching the action from the gallery.  There was also live music and dinner for all to enjoy.

This was the first time that Tunica National Golf & Tennis hosted a Glow in the Dark Tennis event, but they are no strangers to Glow in the Dark activities. Tunica National has held several Glow in the Dark Golf outings. Keep an eye out for the next one. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information on Tunica National Golf & Tennis click HERE, and we’ll see you on the court soon!

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