Father’s Day in Tunica!

 Father’s Day in Tunica!

Ahh…Father’s Day!  One of the best day’s of any man’s life is the day he becomes a Father!  It’s only then that he can truly begin to understand the years of conversations, scoldings, disappointing looks, praise and pride that his own father has shown him over the years.  Being a Father is a tricky thing 364 days a year.  It’s Daddy this, Daddy that, Why Daddy, Can I Daddy, Money Daddy, Daddy Please and then, the one day that a Father can call his own, that 365th day – Father’s Day.

Being a proud Father of two healthy, happy and all around good children, is worth  all of the Daddy questions over the years, but if you are like me, you really like to milk “our day” with whatever it is YOU want to do!  No matter what age a Father you are, I suggest that you extend YOUR DAY, to YOUR WEEKEND in Tunica, Mississippi.

Here are my top 10 Father’s Day things to do in Tunica!

  1. Extend your day to a weekend – kiss the children goodbye and head to one of Tunica’s Nine World-Class Casinos.  (Your guest choice is optional – Tunica’s great to bring the bride but is equally enticing as a Boy’s Weekend.)
  2. It’s now your weekend so let’s EAT!  How about a great steak at one of the area’s top steakhouses!
  3. What’s Tunica without a roll of the dice!  A good meal can only lead to a better craps game.
  4. Spa – Up early for a massage and steam!  Nothing like a good massage and steam to get you loose for a day of golf!
  5. Golf – Is it 18 or 36 holes, remember it’s your WEEKEND and Tunica’s got THREE great courses!
  6. EAT – Steak last night? Let’s say fish tonight!  Catfish and entertainment at one of Tunica’s favorite local hangouts…the Hollywood Café!
  7. Entertainment – The sounds of Brian McKnight at the Harrah’s Tunica Event Center is a perfect choice!
  8. Gamble – It’s back to the casino floor for a great evening at your favorite blackjack table or slot machine!
  9. It’s YOUR day – a late check-out is what you need to start Sunday off right!
  10. On your way out, stop at Tunica National Golf & Tennis for their famous Father’s Day Sunday Brunch!

Once home from your Tunica Father’s Day Weekend, remember how lucky you are to be a father, and spend Sunday afternoon with the family.

So get started! Begin planning your now annual Father’s Day Weekend in Tunica…You’ve only got 364 days until it’s here again! Click HERE to plan your road trip to Tunica!

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