Choices Make a Difference in Video Slot Bonus Rounds

Among the prime attractions of video slot machines are interactive bonus games that are a fun way to pile up credits without making extra wagers. Land three noisemakers on the screen in Jackpot Party, for example, and you get to touch the screen to choose gift boxes containing credits until a “Pooper” ends your party. On many games with free-spin bonuses, you’re first asked to touch an icon to reveal how many free spins you’re getting, and sometimes to touch an icon to reveal whether your winnings will be multiplied.

That leaves open the great question among video slot players: Is your bonus pre-determined, with the program just the amount you’re “supposed” to win in those gift boxes or behind those icons, or do your choices really make a difference?

Well, your bonus-round choices DO make a difference. Bonus events are on a random number generator, just like anything else on a slot machine, but that RNG just sets the possibilities. In the case of Jackpot Party, it randomly sets the prize amounts and Pooper locations behind the gift boxes on the grid. When you make a choice by touching the screen, you get the amount that has been set there by the RNG. If you manage to collect a number of boxes without hitting a Pooper, your prizes mount. If you hit a Pooper on your first pick, well, it happens.

There is no pre-determined prize amount. You can rack up wins or have your round come to a screeching halt, depending on your picks. But there is no way for the player to know which is which. All you can do is hope you’re lucky.

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