Using a Players Reward Card

 Using a Players Reward Card

Casinos want your business, and they want to keep you coming back for more. That’s why “comps” — complimentary meals, rooms, shows, and even cash back — are part of the casino scene.

Once upon a time, all that good stuff was reserved for table games players. The tables were where the “real” gambling was going on, and the slots were a diversion. In modern casinos, however, the slots are the biggest profit center, and operators want to make sure their slot players keep coming back, too.

To get the comps, you have to let the casino know who you are by signing up for a player rewards card. Slide the card into a reader at the slots, or give it to the dealers at the tables, and your play will be tracked. Casinos then can offer comps based on how much you play.

A percentage of your wagers is kicked back in the form of comps. It’s the casino’s “theoretical win” given your bet size and house edge on the game that counts more than actual wins and losses. If the math says the average result for your play would be a $50 loss and you’ve actually won $50, it will still comp you based on a $50 theoretical loss. The casino knows that if it can  keep you coming back, the house will get its share.

Sign up for a rewards card wherever you play. Take the goodies that are offered for your normal play — but don’t bet extra for the sake of comps. If you overbet your bankroll, that “free” buffet might just cost more than you’d pay for it.

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