Spa Trends for BOTH Men and Women

 Spa Trends for BOTH Men and Women

Girls are not the only ones who get a little anxious when warmer temperatures and more hours of sunlight suddenly surface from what seems like endless days of cold, snow and rain. It evidentially means showing more skin and working hard to get the body ready for this showing.

Along with women, guys also have to do a little “maintenance” once the sweaters and boots are packed away. As the Travel Tunica girls wrote about this past month, spas are the best place to get started. In order to get the most out of your spa experience, consider these three top spa trends for BOTH men and women:

1. Prevention
For years spa goers have associated the spa with another “p” word — pampering. Now, in an age where more people are learning how to safeguard their health for the future, spas now are a way to practice this type of prevention. By regularly relaxing and cutting out unnecessary stress, experts say you increase your life span by several years. This also goes hand-in-hand with spas offering anti-age treatments, organic products that contain sunscreen and protective antioxidants and resources that contain better diet and wellness tips. Bottom line — basic relaxation and de-stressing are now more important than ever to preserve your future health, and where better to do that than at your local spa?

2. Couple Massages
Couples are always looking for more ways to spend time with each other, and often the dinner and movie can feel more like a chore than a treat. Don’t get discouraged — you have options. It is becoming increasingly more popular to visit the spa with your significant other. This is due to the fact that you can receive a massage or another spa treatment while your companion accompanies you in the same room (possibly receiving the same service) giving you the opportunity to catch up in an atmosphere that is relaxing and tranquil. Sounds like a good type of atmosphere to talk about the kids or work without getting stressed out or starting an unnecessary fight. Then again, you can always just enjoy each other’s company in peace and quiet. I like to say “Couples who spa together, stay together.”

3. Special Occasions
Don’t laugh at the idea of throwing your “bachelor” party at a spa — it is becoming more common. In fact, travel agents report the number one emerging spa trend is people increasingly hitting stay spas for special occasions like the big ’0s’, anniversaries, weddings, and retirement parties. This concept began as a female bonding phenomenon, but now due to the fact that spas are more easily accessible and male-focused, men are starting to realize that it is also a good way to practice great personal hygiene (which can sometimes be an after thought) while hanging out with their friends. There is always a good excuse (special occasion) to pamper yourself no matter the gender.

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